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Review: The Secret Bridge

I have heard so many friends rave about the quality of the Lamplighter Publishing books.  I just recently read my first one, so I jumped at the chance to read The Secret Bridge  by Amy Le Feuvre.  Lamplighter books are "building Christ-like story at a time."  All of their stories are edited with a biblical theological framework to ensure that each story reflects the character of God.  These books are full of wisdom and I love the footnotes.   When I first opened the package I could see right away why so many people are in love with these books.  The book looked like a classic with a beautifully embossed cover. The quality and beauty alone of the book grabbed my attention. There is something magical about holding a beautifully put together book!

In this book we meet Bridget Channing, who has just lost her father and is traveling to London to live with an uncle.  On her travels she meets Godfrey Bullingham who is currently serving in the navy.  They spend time together on their travel to London, but part ways when they arrive.  Bridget heads to her uncle's house only to find out that he has passed away and left everything to his landlady.  Godfrey happens by a short time later and jumps at the chance to help her.  He helps her to a hotel and even speaks to a lawyer on her behalf.  Within a day Godfrey has proposed marriage to Bridget, but she refuses. She doesn't believe they could know each other well enough to be married. Godfrey gives her space to make her way, but within days he has asked her to be his wife for a second time.  Godfrey is being shipped off for a year and has asked Bridget to keep their marriage a secret.  His family has other plans for him, but he knows if they get to know Bridget that they will love her as he does.  Bridget is left at a farmhouse to be cared for by Mr. and Mrs. Dent. They know who she is, but are to help her keep her secret while Godfrey is gone.  Over the course of the next months Bridget meets Godrey's family and finds it hard to pretend she doesn't know who he is.  She also meets the Fitzroys who have been at odds with the Bullinghams for years.  Bridget finds herself being pushed and pulled about who she can be friends with all the while discovering some secrets of her own.  One of the people Bridget meets is Mr. Jocelyn who is somewhat of the town parson.  Through their friendship he teaches her about God's love for her as well as wonderful biblical principals that she can use in her life.  Throughout the story Bridget is "working on her ladder" as Mr. Jocelyn has told her about. As Bridget's love for God grows she finds it harder and harder to keep her secrets.  Thankfully Godfrey comes home just in time as Bridget feels she can't lead the life she should if she's keeping secrets from everyone.  

It's so hard to find good quality books anymore. Most are full of bad character qualities and foul language.  I didn't have any of these issues with The Secret Bridge.  This book was full of biblical principals as well as wonderful teaching moments.  One verse that stood out to me at the end was "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him, and He will act." Psalm 37.5 These beautiful nuggets from the Bible were intertwined throughout the entire book.  It was truly a wonderful engaging story.  

I would highly recommend this book to my friends.  The cover caught my daughter's eye, she's fifteen, but when I told her what it was about she wasn't interested. I think at her age she's not really interested in reading about a new marriage relationship.  I think many teens would find this book interesting if they were more interested in reading books from an older time. 

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The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

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