Friday, May 19, 2017

Review: Captain Absolutely

I grew up in the age of comics and remember how popular they were with the kids. I think it was the small amounts they actually had to read compared to the wonderful graphics! Focus On The Family has come up with a wonderful book,  Captain Absolutely.  This book is based on the character from the  Adventures in Odyssey series. 

This book is a wonderful book for any child that is interested in adventure as well as some of the reluctant readers that we might sometimes have.  Our oldest hasn't really enjoyed reading on his own ever :( It makes me sad, but he's just like his father (LOL) When he was younger and I was trying to entice him into reading I had several people suggest comic books.  Captain Absolutely is just the kind of book that I would have gotten for him! When I opened to package and saw the colorful graphics on the cover I knew our youngest would enjoy this book. We start off the book with Josiah King being involved in an explosion in the library.  He takes cover with the Bibles and soon reads the Bible for his first time. Due to radioactive fumes being in the room he is turned into a superhero!! He is now Captain Absolutely and must defend the truth of God and battle the villans of the world.  Some of these villans include Dr. Relative, Farmer Vile, Fear Chemist, Baron Von Confuser and others. As Captain Absolutely fights these enemies he shares the world of God.  I really love how biblical truths and scriptures were shared throughout this book.  Some of our favorites were: 
* God wants us to show love and mercy
* The one who sows injustice will reap disaster
* The Lord is my strength
* I have faith that God is in control.  
* I may be confused, but as long as I follow God's direction, I will never be lost
* God, guide me with your truth
* Man sees what is invisible, but the Lord sees the heart.
* The Bible says that love "does not keep a record of wrongs."

There are so many wonderful principals in this book and the kids are absorbing them as they read.  Anytime we can get our children to read God's word they will be blessed and this is a wonderful way to get some of those biblical teachings into their minds.  Focus on the family has made it their mission to help parents teach their children about God.  They have filled their website with articles, podcasts, magazines etc.  Captain Absolutely is just another tool in their toolbox to help parents equip their children to live the best life possible.  

We truly enjoyed reading Captain Absolutely as we prepared for bed each night. Our youngest who is in 4th grade could have read this on his own as well. I think the book could easily be for many ages.  If you are interested in more information about the book or  Focus On The Family check them out on their social media pages.    

Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}

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