Monday, April 3, 2017

Week Ending April 1, 2017

This was an extra crazy busy week for us because we are having dryer issues! I know many women don't like to get things for the house as a gift, but normally I love it (LOL) Our dryer went out, someone came and fixed it and then it stopped completely. My husband who normally fixes them said let's just get a used one for now. We found one, Zachary went and got it that day and now it's not working. I think we need an electrician to come and look at it to see the issue. Carl knows a guy, but he hasn't been able to get him over here :( I've gone to the laundry mat twice this week to dry clothing. I like that you get your laundry done in basically an hour, but it's the toting it back and forth. Even with Issac's help the first day and his and Brianna's the second I'm still dealing with neck and shoulder issues. We used to have a line outside, but since three our of the five of us suffer severely at pollen season it just isn't a workable solution right now :( Today I'm doing a small load and hanging it up inside (LOL)

Issac has been waiting on the list to be evaluated by TEACCH for over six months now. Carl and I went and did the parent evaluation this past week. We'll take Issac this week for his session. Hopefully we'll get some information that will be helpful. We were told years ago that Issac showed on the autism as well as the aspergers testing, so they gave him the PDD-NOS diagnosis. I've been told by many that they think he has ADHD, but then in other cases it looks like he doesn't. He can be wonderful one minute and crazy another. He can hold onto something for hours and/or bring it up DAYS or WEEK later. It will be interesting to see what they say. He has started showing some anxiety in the last few years and I was told that anxiety WITH ADHD can look just like a child on the spectrum. It's not having a label that I necessarily want, but sometimes labels can get things for your child that they couldn't otherwise. I just want to know how to help him in the best way possible.

Brianna, Issac and I have been using lots of art lately. We recently got the chance to review Art Achieve and we all are loving it. I chose level 1 because I thought that might be best for Issac. He's enjoying it and Brianna is even asking to do it! I feel like we are all producing some nice drawings and I really think it's because of the step-by-step approach they take. I'll be writing my full review soon, so keep your eyes open!

I think that's it for this week.

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