Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review: Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer

Issac and I recently read an interesting book, Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer by Peggy Consolver-Author.  Peggy spent 18 days in Israel in 2010.  She was there with the Associates for Biblical Research and that trip truly helped move this book forward.  She was able to truly bring a vision to this book because of places she had visited. This book is based on the Gibeonites of Joshua 9 and 10.  It's told from the view of Keshub, a young shepherd boy.  This book is 375 pages that include 46 chapters. At the beginning of the book we have the characters and relationship section which helps us to know the characters in the book.  There are also wonderful discussion questions at the end of the book if you are reading this book with a small group. There is some AMAZING information HERE that Peggy has shared with us. This background information truly helps to put the book into perspective.  I could just sit and read Peggy's journal from her trip all day! Peggy has also made a wonderful study guide-Digging Deeper into HIStory that can be purchased HERE.  She's also given us quite a peak into the study guide HERE.  She's included wonderful information about the Gezer Calendar, Syrian Brown Bear, Plaiting & Braiding as well as honey.

Issac and I have been reading this book every night before bed. I felt he would enjoy it because he's nine and Keshub the shepeard boy is 13 years old. Issac was shocked to hear all the responsibility that Keshub had and he's only a few years older than Issac. Keshub is at that stage where he's not sure he's still a boy, but not yet he's not quite a man.  He's had to fight wild animals to protect his sheep, deal with a bully, as well as become a spy.  He's struggling with wanting to travel, but his father plans for him to continue the family business of pottery. He deals with sibling rivalry as well as wanting to please his family.  I think this book would be wonderful for older children. My son had a hard time keeping everything straight and I think if he had been older he would have come away with a better understanding.  

Check Peggy out on Facebook or at her website .  As always there are tons of other families reviewing this item, so go check out what they thought of the book :)

Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer {Peggy Consolver Reviews}


  1. Thanks so much for your insightful review of SPSSN. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you for such wonderful information and a great story.


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