Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Review: In the Hands of a Child International Geography Quest Note Pack

My son LOVES anything related to geography. This is such a love for him that we can be doing ANY other subject and he'll blurt out geography questions (LOL) I love that he loves the subject, but it can be frustrating at times :) I was excited to try out the note pack because we've never done one of those before. There were so many different things to study in this pack. We did vocabulary, the science & themes of geography as well as studying the actual geography of earth. One thing that I really thought was cool was that the information was given for the child to do a lapbook of ANY country they chose. I liked that the choice was given to the child. There is a schedule given telling you what you can do each day. Here is just a little peak of the first few days:

We started out following the schedule and just adjusted as needed. I liked how large the pages were for the child to write. However, it seemed overwhelming to my son:( I think he felt he had to fill the entire page out. I ended up doing some of the writing for him and just letting him narrate to me the information. 

I think for my son that the note packs would work better than the traditional lapbooks. He needs larger spaces to write and I think he'd get over feeling overwhelmed after a while. My one "complaint" if you could call it that is that I wish the activity pages were right after the information pages. I felt like I was constantly flipping back and forth to get my pages. That's just my own personal issue :) If you haven't done a note pack before go check International Geography Quest Note Pack and make it your first. 

** I received this item free for my honest review. 

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