Saturday, December 17, 2016

Update on us

It's been a busy little time around here.  Trying to get our school done before the holiday break started.  Also,  trying to find some "fun" things to do to help celebrate the holidays.  the kids have a few things for school to finish next week because they were procrastinating a bit this past week. I'm anxious to relax, read, bake, etc.  Issac and I have been reading Bartholomew's Passage A dear friend introduced me to and gave me Jotham's Journey probably 10 years ago. Ever since we've read a different one each year.  We have finally gotten our tree and manger put out.  My husband redid our daughter's bedroom floor and she painted her room right after Thanksgiving. We've been delayed getting our decorations out!

I received some exciting news yesterday.  I was asked to be part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew and I'm so very excited about this new journey.  This is a chance to meet new people, be able to experience curriculum that we might not otherwise be able to and do something that is totally different for me :) Issac is loving geography right now, so I'm hopeful that we might find something he really loves through this experience.

I also received a call yesterday from the UDN asking me to be part of their Participant Engagement Group.  This will be a year long commitment and the first meeting will be in Boston!  Here is Issac's page from when he participated in the study back in November 2015.  I'm very excited as well as anxious and nervous to go to Boston. I have NEVER traveled alone before and I will have never met any of these people either (LOL) I think this will be an amazing experience.

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