Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Life without therapy

Issac has been in some sort of therapy since his first birthday. At some times it was all three, ST, OT and PT and other times it was just two or even one. Today I got the call that they are releasing him from OT because he's met all the goals he has. He just went back to OT about two months ago after not having been in for almost two years. He had met his goals then, but his handwriting was still hard to read. He didn't seem to be progressing at that point, so we decided we'd just keep moving forward. We went to see a Developmental Pediatrician about 4 months ago and she felt that Issac absolutely needed to be back in OT. It was amazing to see the progress he made so quickly. People will often say that kids will read or learn other skills when they are ready. That's almost what this seemed to be, that he was ready to be able to write. When my mom saw his writing shortly after he started back to OT she almost didn't believe it was his writing! He's been working on typing and that is coming along slowly. He's a little frustrated that he can't type faster, but I explained that right now it's better to be accurate than fast.
For almost nine years we have been going to therapy one or twice a week. The older kids grew up in some ways at the therapist. They've always packed a bag with school and taken it along with them. It was a huge part of our life. It's great that Issac has done so well, but to think that there is no more therapy just seems odd.  I know without a doubt if Issac hadn't been in therapy all these years that he wouldn't be where he is now. I hate to think about the kids that don't get therapy.  We have had so many wonderful therapist. They've all connected with Issac in different ways and on different levels. He's even had two different ST's with the same name!
We've got some things we'll keep working on to help strengthen his hand muscles. The plan is they will call us in six months for a visit. I feel good about this because we've had lots of regression issues in the past. This way there is already a plan to check on him. If he's started regressing then we can go back and if he's doing well then we'll continue to move forward. It's strange to think about no therapy anymore, but it's a good strange. I guess this is the start of our new normal :)

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