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Book Review: To Capture Her Heartby Rebecca DeMarino

I was caught up in this book from the very beginning.  I really enjoyed the character of Heather Flower.  In the beginning of the story she has been kidnapped and is rescued by Dirk Van Buren.  The two develop a relationship that is difficult in that time period.  Heather is pursued by Benjamin Horton who she has been friend with for quite some time. She is trying to find her way in lift and is doing so with the help of his family.  I really like the Horton family and how their family works. I also loved the character of Heather Flower.  I felt throughout the story that she was trying to figure out who she was, but how she could live her life while staying true to her family.  In the end I felt she was able to figure that out. 

** I received this book free for my honest opinion.

Book Review: Once Upon a Summertime by Melody Carlson

One of the things I liked about this book is that I felt lots of women could relate to it.  Anna Gordon had big plans for herself in the hospitality industry, but it didn't quite pan out the way she had planned.  She's managing the Value Lodge in her hometown and believes she can make big changes to the lodge, but her plans don't quite turn out.  She sees herself managing a large hotel that is beautifully run.  Running the lodge is the farthest thing from that. When another opportunity presents itself she jumps at the chance, but it too isn't quite what she expected.  What I really enjoyed is how she takes what she has in the story and runs with it. In life we often have big dreams, but we don't quite get there.  I really enjoyed this book because it seemed so down to earth. The characters seemed very easy to relate to, like they could be your neighbors. 

** I received this book free for my honest review.

Teaching Nouns

I was going through my inbox today and ran across a great freebie on teaching nouns.  My youngest loves anything that is a game, so we use lots of games in our learning.  I ran across this freebie and thought it was really neat.  The Natural Homeschool I think I'm going to look around the site more and see what else I can find :)

Book Review: Gone Without A Trace

Livy is struggling at work because of shooting. She decides to take time off work and ends up working on a case that is close to her heart.  Her cousin disappeared two years ago and nobody has heard from her since.  Livy always felt something wasn't right, that her cousin wouldn't just leave her husband and daughter.  A private investigator is in Logan Point investigating the disappearance of a missing senator's granddaughter.  As he and Livy meet and talk they start to wonder if her cousin's disappearance is related.  She doesn't really like Alex, but it seems best for them to work together.  I really enjoyed the dynamics between Livy and Alex.

** I received a copy of this book free for my honest review.

Book Review: The Innocent by Ann H. Gabhart

Many of us wouldn't know what to do if our husband just never came home.  Carlyn Kearney's husband went off to war and never came home.  She waits for him, but as each day goes by her money runs out, she's going to lose her home and she doesn't know what to do.  There is a Shaker village near her home that she feels like is the answer to her prayers.  The Shakers live a simple life, everyone has food and she feels that  she will be safe and protected there. Life isn't quite what she expected when she arrives there.  There is quite a bit of mystery going on in the Shaker village and that's the last thing Carlyn expected. 

** I received this book for free for my honest opinion.

Book Review: desperate measures by Sandra Orchard

I've been waiting to read the 3rd book in the Port Aster Secrets Series.  I've really enjoyed this series and the characters that are in it.  Sandra Orchard has done a really great job of keeping us engaged with the characters and the mystery of the the "miracle plant" through the first two books.  Now we get to delve deeper into the mystery and finally see who is really behind everything. 
I really like Kate's character and the dynamic relationship between her and Detective Tom.  The other two characters that I like are Patti and Jarret.  There is lots of mystery and intrigue that surrounds them and their relationship and I really think it helps the entire story be more complete. 

** I received this book free for my honest review.

Book Review: Laugh-Out-Loud Doodles for Boys by Rob Elliott

My son really enjoyed this book.  He was a little younger than the age range the book says it's geared towards, he's 8 and it's suggested for 9-12.  He's also got some fine motor problems, but he still really enjoyed the book.  It honestly was also good for him to practice some skills he needed to work on in a different atmosphere, more fun than he might otherwise be used to!  This book would be great to give as a gift or just to buy and have in the car.  It would be great for long trips or to have in your purse and pull out while waiting at appointments. This book to me is just good, clean fun and we really enjoyed it.

** I received a copy of this book free for my honest opinion.

Book Review: Laugh-Our-Loud Pocket Doodles for Girls by Rob Elliott

This is a great book to give as a gift or just to have around the house.  This is the type of item I'd call good, old, clean fun!  The jokes were enjoyed by my daughter and the doodle aspect was really neat as well.  I think it could easily work for a younger child that just needed sometime to keep their hands busy for a few minutes, trying to do the doodling part.  It would be great on a long car ride for everyone to take turns trying. 

** I received this book free for my honest review.

Book Review: Love's Rescue by Christine Johnson

I enjoyed this book, but had a little trouble really feeling engaged with the characters.  Elizabeth Benjamin goes home to Key West when her mother passes away.  It's hard for her to return home because of her past with Rourke O'Malley and certain things that happened with her brother. I think her brother, Charlie, is really my favorite character in the book.  Elizabeth is trying very hard to be the perfect Southern lady, but it's not really who she wants to be.  What I did enjoy about this book is that there is lots of mystery throughout the story and it helps keep the reader engaged. 

** I received a copy of this book free for my honest review.