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Book Review A Light In The Wilderness by Jane Kirkpatrick

All I can say is that I was hooked on this book from the very beginning!! This was one of those books for me that I couldn't put down.  I didn't want to go to bed at night because I just wanted to read until I finished this book.  I had not read anything by Jane Kirkpatrick before, but I've already requested something else from my library because I so loved this book.  I just felt that the characters were so well developed.  I felt like I knew Letitia, like she was a true friend of mine.  The things that she did I was feeling like I was right there doing them with her. Those are the types of books that I truly enjoy and the authors that I truly enjoy reading. To me those books are true experiences and not just a book to read. I would recommend this book to everyone and honestly I'm probably going to read it again shortly just because I enjoyed it so much!

Here is a little video:)

** I received a copy of this book free for my honest review.

Book Review: Debt-Proof Living by Mary Hunt

I've read quite a few books on getting rid of debt and making your financial situation better.  I've read a few that came highly recommended, but they just didn't seem to fit for my personality, my family, etc.  From the very beginning of this book I felt like this book seemed more practical than others.  I think is was the way Mary Hunt tells you that these are things you need to do, but doesn't seem to pressure you to do them the way others do.  She didn't seem to make me feel guilty if I couldn't start out with a certain amount, even $1 a week is something. I just seemed to feel less stress and pressure as I was reading her book. Let's face it, if you are dealing with money issues you are already stressed and feeling the pressure (LOL) Reading books that make you feel more of that aren't helpful. I really felt that she was saying most of the same things that other books said, but it was just the way her words came across to ME.  I think it's a gr…

Book Review: i need some help here! by Kathi Lipp

When I first read the title I wasn't sure this book would be much different from other parenting books that I've read.  When I started reading it I realized what I liked about it, it's got it all. It has practical advice, scripture and the everyday issues that we deal with.  This book is one to keep on the shelves that you can go back to time and time again.  I think it's also great because it doesn't seem to be geared to a particular age. The advice that is in the book could work with any age child.  It looks like this author has some other great books that are worth checking into.

* I was given this book free for my honest opinion.