Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's that time of year again!

I have to admit that when I was young I always looked forward to going back to school.  There is something about shopping for new supplies, even now that is my favorite part:) Things have been a little different this year and so my planning hasn't been quite what it has in the past. That being said I'm trying to go with the flow:) This year we delve into those scary high school years as my oldest is starting 9th grade.  Not much makes my oldest smile when it comes to school, but my daughter loves to smile for the camera.  She is 6th grade this year and my youngest is in 1st. We have completed our first week and there is always a learning curve.  My husband has been home and doing a few odd jobs for family, so he's taken our oldest with him to help.  He explained to Zachary that years ago the older boys didn't start school when the others did because they had to finish helping get the crops in.  He's getting some good training in to either help him in life if he decides to do this job or maybe help him make the choice the go another way:)

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  1. Boy your kiddos are really growing up. SOmetimes those life skills are almost as important as what they learn in class.


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