Thursday, December 31, 2015

Book Review: the Perfect Wife by Shari MacDonald

For years Felicia has been working trying to save her marriage.  Her marriage is finally over and she's trying to figure out how she is going to move on with her life as a single mom to her kids.  Brody is running a business where he makes money off stories of the rich and famous.  He and Felicia knew each other when they were younger and they run into each other at Felicia's sister's wedding.  Felicia is trying to figure out how to move on, possibly start a new career and figure out who will help her with her children. She realizes she needs a "wife."    She and Brody are catching up and before Brody realizes it he's offered to help watch her children and the two of them have started off on a new adventure together.

** I've received this book free for my honest review.

Book Review: Keeping Christmas by Dan Walsh

I think everyone can relate to this story because anyone that has children will have them leave home eventually.  Judith is having a really hard time trying to get ready for this Christmas because all her children are away from home and she can't seem to get into the spirit.  Her husband doesn't seem to be very excited to pull all the decorations out since it's just the two of them. When he does help her all she sees are the handmade decorations the kids made as children and it makes it harder for her to deal with the fact that she and her husband are all alone.  She's got to find some way to deal with this new life they have.

** I received this book free for my honest review.   

Review: What's New? What's Missing? What's Different?

Homeschooling is hard and often times I've found my kids just need something fun to break up the day.  Even though Issac is in 6th grade...