Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crazy Week

This week has been a crazy and emotional week:( I knew going into the week that it would be super busy b/c we were going to be receiving our Girl Scout cookies on Tuesday. We were also going to start our booths on Friday.  I had scheduled 3 booths this first weekend! I knew it was crazy and would also be harder this year with Carl's work schedule! The beginning of the week was going ok until we got home from karate on Wednesday night. We had run a few errands after class, so were a little later than normal arriving home.  Zachary had stopped to get some points to purchase a new game on his X-box, so went straight to his room to do that and came out and asked me had I taken his X-box. I told him no and thought to myself that I'd been with him. My next thought was that Carl left before us, so he couldn't have taken it. I immediately looked to the back door and saw that the glass from the window was not there. I realized right away that someone had been in the house:( Zachary was so upset b/c they took his X-box, his brand new game that he'd purchased in November, his controller, cords and his expensive headset he purchased.  Issac started crying and I immediately started looking around to see if they took anything else. They didn't, only Zachary's stuff. I called 911 and while we were waiting I counted my cookies b/c I knew it was the kids across the street and I figued they'd take my cookies, but they didn't. While we were waiting I realized that we were missing some food as well.  The police arrived, we talked, he looked around and knew instantly who I was talking about when I told him. He has been over them multiple times and told me he's not surprised they took food because they never have anything. He found the glass in one piece and said he'd send someone to fingerprint and hopefully we'd get lucky.  He is also the same officer that came here back in December when we reported Zachary's bike missing because he saw a kid riding it up the street.  I actually caught the kid across the street on Brianna's bike about 2 hours after that and then another kid rode up to us on Zachary's bike. I ended up calling 911 right then and there on both of them.  When the other officer came out he couldn't get any prints, he said they had been wearing gloves. When I told him who I thought it was he said it didn't surprise him that he didn't get a print because they had already been caught once before by leaving their prints, so they would know to wear gloves now:( Issac has been terrified ever since.  He's afraid once it gets dark, won't leave my side and any noise he thinks is someone trying to break in.  I actually went to the animal shelter the next morning and adopted a dog. We had been discussing it for a while, but this made the decision clear for me. I was out Friday night for 2 hours with Brianna selling Girl Scout cookies, out yesterday for 4 hours and then out for another 3 hours doing errands and not tonight I have a 3 hour booth. I'm so thankful we have great neighbors on one side of me. They were already trying to help watch out for us with Carl's new schedule, but are even more now.  They said from now on text then any time I leave and they came home and checked the boys several times Friday night while I was gone before Carl made it home.  I've still got to somehow get prepared for the week. Plus, Zachary's 14th birthday is Thursday and my mom is arriving on Wednesday! Talk about crazy! :)

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