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Crazy Week

This week has been a crazy and emotional week:( I knew going into the week that it would be super busy b/c we were going to be receiving our Girl Scout cookies on Tuesday. We were also going to start our booths on Friday.  I had scheduled 3 booths this first weekend! I knew it was crazy and would also be harder this year with Carl's work schedule! The beginning of the week was going ok until we got home from karate on Wednesday night. We had run a few errands after class, so were a little later than normal arriving home.  Zachary had stopped to get some points to purchase a new game on his X-box, so went straight to his room to do that and came out and asked me had I taken his X-box. I told him no and thought to myself that I'd been with him. My next thought was that Carl left before us, so he couldn't have taken it. I immediately looked to the back door and saw that the glass from the window was not there. I realized right away that someone had been in the house:( Zachary…