Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Review: Roar Like a Lion

Raising kids has always been a hard job, but with technology the way it is now I think most parents would say it's become harder.  We all want to raise our kids to be good and capable adults, but it's so hard with all the outside influences.  That's where Roar Like a Lion comes in to help us reach our children's hearts and guide them the way we want them to go.  Levi Lusko with the help of Tama Fortner has given us this amazing book to help us reach the hearts of those children that are in our lives.  This book has 90 devotions to help us reach our children's hearts.  Some of the ones that I thought were helpful for my son were the following: 

Speak Up!

Stand Out!

Goofs, Mistakes and Mess-Ups! 

The Courage to Forgive

Alone in a Crowd

You've Got a Purpose

Stronger Than Any Storm

The first thing that jumped out to me when I opened the package was the beautiful illustrations. The entire book is so very colorful and eye catching! Each devotional starts with a verse. In #38, You've Got a Purpose, the verses is Colossians 3:17.  We read how God has a purpose that is specific for each and every one of us.  God made us to be amazing and special.  One thing we have to realize is that we aren't all made to do things that other people look at as extraordinary. We weren't all made to be missionaries in a foreign land.  Sometimes our purpose is to just smile at someone that is having a rough day. Maybe they needed that smile more than anyone could know.  One way to expand on what you've read is the Get Ready to Roar section. This helps you to get your child to think about what they can do with what they just learned.  These devotionals are short, just 2 pages, but packed with just enough information to get your child thinking. That can then lead to open discussions that could have amazing outcomes. 


The suggested reading age is 6-10. This book is eye catching from the moment you see it because it's got a lion roaring on the cover.  I mean what child isn't fascinated by a lion? My son is 14, but I felt like many of the topics were things he is dealing with at his current age. I think this would be a great devotional for a family that has multiple ages and therefore you could meet each child where she or he needs to be met for their age and emotions.  For most of us the school year has just started and this would be a great book to read to the kids in school and help them learn how to deal with some of those tough issues. Head over and grab Roar Like a Lion for your family and start that new tradition of doing devotions each night with your children.  

We've been blessed to be able to give a copy of this wonderful book away, so if you are interested in being a part of the giveaway please comment below what age children you'd read this book with in your family.  

Disclosure: Many thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing this product/product information for review.  Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did receive the product in exchange for this review and post.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Review: A+ Interactive Math


Do you have a child that struggles with math? Maybe he or she has some gaps in their learning that is causing them frustration. Out of my three children two have struggled with math. I think that is very common and A+ Interactive Math can help! Our youngest son has struggled with math since multiplication and division have entered the game. He's got some learning challenges, but overall was excelling in math in his younger years. We have struggled to find a curriculum that works well for him because his skills are all over the map. He might be in 3rd grade on multiplication, 5th grade on another area etc. It's been frustrating to us both until we found the adaptive math with placement tests. This is great for finding those gaps in your child's learning, addressing them and moving on to the next chapter.  

When you start your account it will ask what grade your child is in currently. I chose the grade level I thought my child was on because he's currently in 8th grade and I knew he wouldn't be able to do most of that level work. I chose 4th grade for him. When you first log in you'll see your dashboard and can choose where to go from there. 

After clicking to launch your placement test you'll be given all these tests the student will take for this level. I have gone in and changed my son's grade to pre-algebra to let him see the tests he would need to take for that level. He then realized he didn't know any of that material.  I had him  work from the first test down to the bottom seeing as how they usually build on skills. Depending on how he was doing I had him do 2 placement tests a day.  

After taking the placement tests Issac started in the first section and worked through the assigned problems. The problems are assigned based on how he did in the placement test. This takes away doing 20+ problems that you can easily do and not really working on what you are struggling to do. Issac enjoyed that there was a short video and then not a ton of questions. Even when he was struggling with the problems he was able to push through because he wasn't overwhelmed by the number of questions. As well as working through the questions there is an additional worksheet generator that can give extra help for those continued problem areas. The problems are very similar to the original lessons, but just give extra practice in those needed areas. 

When you initially take the placement tests you are given a report based on the answers. It shows if the child is below, on, or above great level. As well as how many problems there were, if they skipped any etc. These reports are great for getting a better view of the students progress. I save them and then after Issac has done all the lessons I have him take the placement test again to see if he did better. The hope is that he'll be at or above grade level after the lessons.

I love how positive the messages are on the reports. A child could easily feel beaten down at seeing they are below their grade level, but the positive message helps affirm that with a little practice they can do better.  A+ Interactive Math has so many things to offer. You can chose the adaptive math that we did or they offer a family math program as well.  The family math is one low price for up to 10 students. Those with larger families will find the family math to be a fantastic addition to their schooling. If you have a child that needs even more special help you can check out their after school math help where you will get live sessions to help your student. There are just so many options and in their "free" section you can try out some of the video lessons and even get a month free of the family math.  You can also receive a FREE e-book to see about some of the other products that are offered. The founder of the program has over 30 years experience working with kids. He's made it his mission to have great math programs that are affordable for all.  One thing that can be a huge deal breaker for me is the customer service. We haven't had any issues with the program, but the view times that I've reached out I've gotten quick answers and always with a kind and positive tone. That huge for me.   The adaptive program has really helped my son with some of his learning gaps. I'm hoping that after we finish working on the gaps with the adaptive program that we can move into the family math.  

To keep up-to-date on specials, freebies and deals follow them on their  InstagramFacebookTwitter and Pinterest accounts. Current with my special code of teresalock96 you can get 40% off a FULL year of the family math program.   This offer is good only until November 30th.  After that you can get 20% off the full year with the special code.  Go over and check out what they have to offer.  

** I received this product for free for my honest review. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

Review: CrossTimber

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  

When you first hear you are pregnant most moms are already starting the hunt for names. They are looking for a name they like as well as have a meaning that is special to them.  CrossTimber has come up with some amazing products to help you show off what your name means.  I recently was able to order a 8*10 plaque print from them and I was so pleased with the results. They had SO many options that it's easy to find something for everyone.  As a freebie they threw in custom AmazingName Print Activity Sheets.  

When I first went to the website I was a little overwhelmed. I think honestly it was just all the colorful options.  After looking around though I realized that while there are tons of options it's very well organized. That made it easier for me to narrow down my interests. I have to tell you it was hard though with all the options. I ultimately decided that I haven't done much for hubby and I in a while, so why not order a plaque with our names on it. The ordering process was very easy from there.  From the main page I selected Multi-Name Plaques. I originally looked around thinking just for myself, but then realized they could do couples and decided to go that route.  


After that it gives you a list of all the different categories for the plaques. I looked around at several of them and ultimately settled with couples & sweethearts.  

After browsing around and going back and forth I chose A Loving Pair.  After it arrived and seeing it in person I was very glad that I went with this choice.  

There are several options that you can choose from when ordering such as with or without a frame and what color frame.  I wasn't sure exactly where I was going to put mine, so I decided to just do the print. It worked out great because once I saw it in person I knew exactly where I was going to put it and what color frame I needed for that room.  When I was in the order process I did reach out to customer service. My husband and I are a multi-racial couple and I was wanting to show that in the print.  John at CrossTimber worked really hard trying to help me out. I ultimately decided to stick with the print as it was, but he really was super helpful and the customer service was great! 

With my order I also received a customized set of AmazingName Print Activity Sheets. I had these made with my son, Issac's, name on them. I figured it would be something fun for him to do while I'm reading out loud in the morning starting our school day.  We spell Issac's name different than most and so when I received the sheets they were made with the spelling Isaac. I debated whether to message them about it, but my son is kind of picky about using something if his name is spelled wrong (LOL) I messaged John and again he was great. He was super apologetic and had a fresh set made up and sent out to us. There are some happy accidents that happen in life and I consider this one of them! I ultimately ended up doing the other pages myself. I haven't done anything like that in a while and it was relaxing and fun.  

If your looking for a special gift I highly recommend checking out CrossTimber. They have some other great customizable items such as mugs, bookmarks, music boxes and even have a new item that is a personalized cartoon! I was really happy with my entire ordering process and will be remembering them when I want that special gift for someone. 

To keep up with what new products they are coming out with follow them on Facebook and Pinterest.  We had 79 reviewers for this review and they all had the option of the 8*10 plaque Print or Name Bookmarks. Head over and find out which item and designs they all chose.  

Name Cards, Bookcards, Activity Sheets & Plaque Personalised Gifts {CrossTimber Reviews}

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Review: Julie Naturally

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

Making the time for studying God's word has always been a struggle for me. When my children were younger I struggled to be awake before them and get that time in before the day started.  As I got older I realized I didn't have to do that reading first thing in the morning that I could do it anytime. Granted starting the day off with God's word is amazing, but maybe not always practical with little kids. I've also found that I truly love doing studies with other women, but I tend to sit back more and listen to what they have to say. I think I constantly worry that I'll answer incorrectly or that I might not answer as in depth as others. Those are my personal issues and ones that I find sometimes easier to deal with because of all the online options we have available now. Julie Naturally has given us two amazing studies to work through recently.  I started working through the  Faith Journeys Bible Study Series: Romans bundle and then finished up with Faith Journeys Bible Study Series: Philippians.  One thing that has really drawn me to these studies is the author and her life. She's dealt with struggles that many of us have dealt with and can relate too. Someone that lays it on the line for me and is real is one that I can relate to and trust.  I'm thankful that Julie had taken on this mission to encourage women and be a blessing to us all.  

When I first looked around the website at the studies I realized there was one big difference. The Roman's study had videos that went with it and the Philippians study did not. I'm not saying that makes one or the other better or worse, but I chose to dive in with the videos. There is so much turmoil in the world today and people turning against each other that I just wanted to feel like I was spending a little time with a friend. This study is a nice value for the price. 

Most of us moms are living on one income and we want to do studies and read books, but we are always trying to find the financial balance.  In this study we were working through 2 chapters of Romans each week for 8 weeks.  We started out with a short video and then the chapters were divided up into a six day study each week with a few questions at the end. I found for me that it was just the right amount and if I felt I wanted more I could move on and do an additional day of study. I have done studies before where the amount of reading and questions just stressed me because it seemed to require so much of my time each day. The set up of this study with the 6 day plan was wonderful for me.  There were also some goodies in the bundle such as weekly coloring sheets and Bible verses.  The verses were easy to print out, keep in your purse, put up on your fridge, etc. Anywhere to help keep God's word in the forefront of your mind.  

Julie used a 1984 NIV Bible, Moody Bible Commentary and Bible Study Fellowship notes on Romans when she was creating this study. After I printed out the study and put it in a notebook I logged in and watched the first video. I did most of my Bible reading online because I found it was easy to have the website open, my study printed before me and read online. As I was reading in week 1 about Paul saying he was not ashamed of the gospel it made me think of our current times. It seems like a time when brothers are turning on brothers and some don't want to admit their love for God. It's sad times and even more important to hang tight with the word of God.  In week 3 I was reminded yet again about our bodies being a temple. Do I treat mine that way? Probably not, but there is a new and renewed sense that I want to try harder to do that. I can do all things with through Christ!  

As I was working through this chapter this set of questions might have been one of the hardest for me.  I think it's easy to think of all the things that I shouldn't be doing, but I forget that I can't only focus on those. For me it's like once I've realized what I'm doing wrong I need to put all my energy into fixing that. That ultra focus isn't always correct either!

This chapter had lots for me to think about in regards to how I compare myself, what I think I should be doing or what I'm not doing correct, etc. There was lots of reflection and I think Julie for helping bring that to the light. 

I also got to enjoy some coloring done while watching the videos as well.  This was a well rounded study that I truly enjoyed and learned so much from. I couldn't wait to jump onto the second study!

I next moved into the Faith Journeys Bible Study Series: Philippians. This study is a little less expensive and it's mainly due to not having the video content like the previous study. This study is a little shorter as well, just 4 weeks this time.  We traveled through one chapter of Philippians each week with a short reading section each day for 6 days, 3-5 questions a day, the coloring pages and verse cards.  

This study touched me as well as the previous because there were many things we read about that we are struggling with currently. In week 3 we talked and studied about false teachings. False teachings have always been around and have needed to have been watched out for, but I feel like it's so much more with our current situations. People aren't sure who to believe and therefore mass chaos is happening to some. This comes into play with those believing they don't need Jesus because they are good. Some even believing they never sin and we are seeing that right before our eyes today. Our leaders are lying to us and we are struggling to know who to believe and who to trust. We need to remember to go back to basics and that's our Bibles! 

All in all I greatly enjoyed these studies and learned so much. I'm ready for another! :) If I had one thing that I wish were different is that I'd love to see Julie's answers to the questions. When I do studies with other ladies we talk about our answers together and it often helps to see other perspectives. I'd love to have Julie post her answers to the questions, so that we could go back after and read her answers. Maybe help us see something we missed or just another point of view. That being said I would highly recommend Julie Naturally and her studies.  To find out more information or what additional studies might come in the future check out her FacebookInstagram, Pinterest and Youtube. We had 40 reviewers this study, so head over and see how they used the studies over these last few weeks.  


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Review: Drive Thru History® Adventures

 Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  

Do you have a child that loves history, exploration or learning more about biblical characters? If so, then Drive Thru History® Adventures might be something your family will enjoy. You'll have access to the Drive Thru History shows, course guides, articles and much more.  We've spent the last few weeks going through a new course that's coming out called Bible Unearthed.  This course is quite different from the typical shows you've seen before with Dave Stotts.  In this course we have Dave Stotts the host of Drive Thru History, Randall Niles the lead writer for the show and Dr. Titus Kenney an archeologist.  This course has the three men sitting around a room talking and discussing history and how archaeology plays into it. We are shown artifacts, slides of excavation sites and much more.  For anyone with an interest in how history has been proven through excavation this is a great course for you to watch.

My 13 year old son and I started out watching the first episode which is What is Archaeology? I felt like a nice introduction was given about the three men as well as their background. There's a quick video, about 15 minutes long, as well as a question/answer guide that can be printed.  You could watch the video as a stand alone study, but the guide that comes with it had some great information.  We used the guide as we were watching the video and then went back after and compared the answers given to what we came up with to see what we might have missed. There weren't many questions, but it was nice to be watching the video with a purpose of learning specific ideas.  After this part of the course is completed there is additional information, pictures, scripture reading and Dig Deeper articles.  There is the right amount of information I felt to learn, get excited and branch off in other directions, but not be overwhelmed. This course is fairly short in that it's 12 lessons, but depending on how much of the course you do and if you add to it you could turn it into a nice elective for a high school student or a cool family learning project.  I think most people know what archaeology means, but I'm not sure that we all realize how much work truly is involved. It's not just the book learning, but all the hard and physical labor of doing the excavations. As Dr. Kennedy said the work can be monotonous, but once you have a finding it makes it all worth while.  I believe studying archaeology is a true labor of love.

As you log in each time you will be brought to your current lesson. You can also see on the right hand side while watching each lesson which one you are on and how far through the course you advanced.   

One of my favorite parts was all the artifacts that we were able to see and learn about.  

The historical and biblical information was amazing to learn.  In lesson 7 Dr. Kennedy gives us his top 25 archaeological discoveries.  

Here is an example of one of the scripture readings from the course.  It's always great to have those verses to back up what we are learning.  

I found that as we watched I was really drawn to Dr. Kennedy. He was well spoken, knowledgeable and had great "extras" to show us like his slides and artifacts.  He truly made this course interesting to me and I could see myself watching him in his own show.  My son has loved Dave Stotts in the past in his shows, but he didn't seem to care for him in this course. I think he's used to the action/adventure of the other shows and this course was totally the opposite.  I would recommend this course for those in high school unless they are truly interested in the subject. My son can sit and watch the original Drive Thru History shows for hours, but he just couldn't seem to get interested in the Bible Unearthed. I on the other hand was fascinated. 

I highly recommend following them on their social media sites to find out when Bible Unearthed will be available: FacebookInstagram and Youtube. There were 84 reviewers of Bible Unearthed, so check out how the other families used the program and what they thought about it.  

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Review: Roar Like a Lion

Raising kids has always been a hard job, but with technology the way it is now I think most parents would say it's become harder.  We al...