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Wordless Wednesday 7/11/2018

Review: Bible Study Guide For All Ages

Over the years we have used many programs for our Bible time. Some we liked and some we didn't, but the thing I noticed about most was that there didn't seem to be a continuous building in the program. I think most had the plan to do so, but it didn't feel that way to me. Issac also enjoys more interactive work, so when I read about the Bible Study Guide For All Ages it seemed a good fit for Issac.  I chose the Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) for Issac to try as well as the  Wall Maps and Timeline set.  The Intermediate set is suggested for 3rd & 4th grade, but after comparing the amount of writing to that in the Advanced set I felt it was a better fit for Issac.  I think I was most excited for Issac to see the Wall Maps and Timeline Set because he greatly prefers more interactive work. Thankfully we had a wall with enough space to put up the maps and timeline because it does take up a fairly large area on the wall.  I have to say it was pretty exciting opening up …

5th Grade-End of Year Review

Wow, I can't believe that I no longer have any children in elementary grades! On one hand that seems SO cool and on the other it makes me sad. It feels in some ways that just yesterday I started homeschooling and now my 3rd child will be starting 6th grade. It feels like we'll be done homeschooling sooner than I'd like. That said we had a great 5th grade year. Lot of stuff happening and lots of patience required :)

I think we used so many different programs, books, etc this year that at this point I'm not even sure I remember what all we used! I started my second year on the review crew and there are always LOTS of great things to be reviewed. Some of the things that stand out for me are that Issac really loved CTC Math. I had looked at this program previously for my daughter, but for some reason we didn't go with it.  He loved this program from day 1. He's really only used Teaching Textbooks, but he prefers CTC Math and I think we'll stick with it for now.…

Wordless Wednesday 7/4/2018

Review: Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3

Probably anyone that has homeschooled for any length of time has heard of Saxon Math. Stephen Hake is the lead author for Saxon Math textbooks, grades 3-8.  He long believed that students could greatly benefit from a language arts program that used the model that Saxon Math has long used.  Thus Hake Publishing was founded.  We've been able to spend some time recently with their newest addition,  Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3.  Our youngest has always struggled in the the Language Arts area, so even though he's finishing up 5th grade I felt the 3rd grade program was more at his level.  Our box arrived and as with any Saxon Math product the quality was wonderful.  We received the following:

Grammar and Writing 3 with Daily Review-Consumable Textbook
Grammar and Writing 3 with Daily Review-Teacher Guide
Grammar and Writing 3-Writing Workbook

The Writing Workbook and Teacher's Guide have previously been 3-hole punched for easy insertion into a notebook if you prefer. All the an…

Week Ending 6/22/2018

This week has been INSANE and I don't see next week getting better. We are trying to get enough stuff done at our new house to move into it. We'll still be living in a construction zone, but at least we can be there :) I've been trying to learn how to patch holes in the walls, but I am not feel successful at all about it. I do not think I'm the handy lady type :) School this week has been very basic. We have been continuing to work in the Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 and I'll have a full review on that next week. I've really enjoyed working on the Bible Study Guide For All Ages with Issac and he seems to enjoy it as well.  I also got a new book to read this week, No Longer Little: Parenting Tweens with Grace and Hope. Just the few pages I've read have really been close to my heart. Today we got the email for the latest review we'll be working through. Issac is super excited to start Taking the Mystery Out of Geology & Dinosaurs and the Bible. He…

Review: MaxScholar

Reading has been a bit of a struggle for our youngest child, so I'm always on the look for books and programs to help strengthen his skills. I was please to see the free 12 month subscription of the  Reading Intervention Programs from MaxScholar up for review recently.  This program was created to help children that have learning disabilities, processing issues or just those that are struggling to read.  It is a multi-sensory approach based on a mix of  Orton-Gillingham and Lindamood-Bell as well as other comprehension and phonics strategies. This program is adaptable to a child's age and learning ability.   It was a simple process to open an account after the email we received from the company. The program is set up for the parent to have an account as well as the student. There are many sections available for your student to try. 

The first thing that Issac needed to do was the assessment. I've said it before and I'll shout it from the rooftops that I LOVE an assess…